Plan for what I want to learn and explore

At present, I am doing little in terms of online facilitation.  I am involved in teaching on papers where students access online content, but this content is controlled by course co-ordinators who I work closely with.  However, I am hoping that I will have more opportunities soon to be involved in online facilitation within the programme. 

At the moment, because my knowledge and experience is quite limited, it is difficult for me to be specific in saying what I would like to achieve.  So I will be quite general and say that I would love to come away from the course having a ‘toolbox’ of tools, techniques and strategies that I can draw on in the near future working with our students.

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2 Responses to Plan for what I want to learn and explore

  1. hi Karen, in terms of your own learning and online networking, what would you like to focus on…how can you ‘facilitate’ your own learning? 🙂

    • Hi Sarah
      My appologies for my delayed reply to this. I think the biggest thing for me to work on and aim to be more comfortable with is different ways of online networking. There are many tools that I know about, but have previously had little use of. Social networking is not something I would naturally tend to or choose to do (I have a Facebook page but hardly every go there!). I guess I would much rather see people face to face, and I am always conscious that when I communicate online so many people can have access to what I am saying. I hope that it begins to feel more comfortable with practice!

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